Sid's Farm

Our Story - By Sid

Hello !! I am Sid and this is my farm. My dad set up Sid's farm because he wants me and everybody around me to be able to eat healthier and be happy. We have a few cows at Sid's farm that are healthy and happy just like me.

My dad promised me that he would never add any yucky stuff to my food and milk nor remove any of the natural goodness present in it. (hmmm....Now i know why my milk is soo yummy...)

He also loves nature and cares to make a difference in our environment. To know more about the good stuff that my dad does at Sid's Farm, click here

Our Story - By Sid's Dad

Hi, I'm Kishore

After having lived in the U.S for over a decade, I decided it was time to head back home. My family and I moved back to Hyderabad in October 2011. After moving back, I started looking for sources of affordable natural/organic food for our family and found that the options were very limited and were not easily accesible.I want that to change - for my son Sid, my family and also for families around us wanting to make healthy choices.

I set up Sid's farm because i passionately believe that every family should have access to healthy, pesticide, chemical and hormone free natural food. Our team at Sid's farm promises you that we'll always strive to provide affordable, healthy, natural and wholesome food for you and your family.

Our Team

Kishore Indukuri:

Kishore holds a B.S from IIT Kharagpur, a M.S. and Ph.d in Material sciences from University of Massachusetts. He then went on to work in various roles at Intel corporation, Arizona for 6 years. He moved back to India in 2012 and started Sid's farm. He is passionate about organic food, sustainable agriculture and dairy

Vasu Indukuri:

Vasu ensures smooth day to day operations at the farm and assists in marketing our products
as well. He holds an MBA from DNR college, Bhimavaram and is currently the youngest of our
team at Sid's Farm.

B.RamaKrishnam Raju:

Ramakrishnam a.k.a Ramesh is our manager on site and supervies operations and logistics
at Sid's farm.

Ch.Ravi Kumar

Ravi is our veternarian on staff and has a deep passion towards cows and animals in general.
He has an uncanny knack of talking to animals and understanding their needs.

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Our Products

Our goal in the future is to be able to provide a whole range of farm fresh organic produce.We currently offer 100% Natural Farm Fresh Milk.

What makes us special

  • Our Cows graze naturally on grass grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

  • Our cows are given a balanced diet that ensures your milk has the optimal % of fat, proteins & minerals.

  • Our milk has no preservatives or harmful additives and is never diluted with water.

  • Our cows are never given hormones that artificially boost milk production.

We'd be glad to show the practices we follow at our farm. Please give us a call at 040-66588366 to schedule an appointment.

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